The Challenge 

The Irish Farmers Journal wanted to create a campaign that showcased the benefits and simplicity of their unique loyalty code by using a real life user in a testimonial style campaign. The Farmers Journal wanted to capture the user naturally interacting with the code and the app in the daily routine while working on the farm.

What the unique loyalty code gives conor

The Solution 

We created a rich video testimonial and a set up of print and digital advertising creatives. Traction found a suitable candidate from Co Kerry who is a long time reader of the Farmers Journal and an avid weekly code user. We met with Conor, a dairy farmer at home on a Thursday morning and staged the shoot naturally as he went about his daily routine. Conor collected the paper from the shop in the morning, updated his app with the code and got back to work on the farm while checking in on the Farmers Journal app throughout the day with unlimited access thanks to the code. The video allowed the imagery to do the talking and are produced in a ‘show don’t tell’ manner. The videos also use a rich tapestry of sound to weave a story and give an insight that would otherwise be unseen.

The Results