The Challenge 

Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) challenged Traction with the task of showcasing the great work that goes on behind the scenes in the Horse Racing industry in Ireland. HRI wanted to champion the true heroes that make every race meeting not just happen but run so smoothly. HRI also wanted to demonstrate how a career in the industry did not have to be exclusive to people with a background in horses.

The Solution 

We created a suite of rich video content entitled ‘A Day in the Life’ that captured the daily activities of HRI staff and associated training centres. The videos show the dynamic environment that staff work in to make racing events a safe and joyful experience. The videos allow the imagery to do the talking and are produced in a ‘show don’t tell’ manner which allows the viewer a unique look into this otherwise understated world. The videos also use a rich tapestry of sound to weave a story and give an insight that would otherwise be unseen.

The Results